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Product name Specifications
Amoxyle capsule 250mg
Amoxicillin capsule 250mg, 500mg
Ampicillin and Cloxacillin capsule 500mg
Ampicillin capsule 250mg, 500mg
Azthromycin dihydrate capsule 150mg
Cefatoxim capsule  200mg
Cefixime capsule 200mg
Cefradine capsule 250mg,500mg
Cephalexen capsule  250mg
Cephalexin capsule 250mg,500mg
Chloramphenicol capsule  250mg
Cimetidine capsule 200mg
Cloxacillin capsule 250mg
Cloxacillin capsule 250mg
Cloxacillin Sodium capsule 250mg, 500mg
Compound Paracetamol capsule Paracetamol 300mg+Aspirin 300mg+Caffeine 30mg
Compound Paracetamol capsule Paracetamol 325mg+Ibuprofen 200mg+Caffeine 40mg
Diclofenac capsule 100mg
Diclofenac capsule    50mg 
Doxycycline capsule 100mg
Erthromycine capsule  100mg
Fluconazole capsule 150mg
Indometacin capsule 250mg
Indomethacin capsule 25mg, 250mg
Lincomycin capsule 500mg
Mefenamic acid capsule 25mg
Norfloxacin capsule 100mg, 250mg, 500mg
Omeprozol capsule 100mg
Paracetamol capsule 500mg
Paratacimol+Ibuprofen +caffeine compound capsule 20mg
Ranitidine capsule 150mg
Rifampicin capsule 150mg,300mg
Sulpiride capsule 50mg
Tetracycline capsule 250mg, 300mg
Tetracyline capsule  300mg
Vitamin B Complex capsule Enterprise Stand.
Vitamin Complex capsule Enterprise Stand.
Vitamine E soft capsule 250mg

Those products patented are for laboratory analytical/research purposes only, not offered for sale in countries where the sales of such products constitutes patent infringement, otherwise the following liability is at buyer’s risk.

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